Image To PDF effectively switches various pictures into PDF with password protection and meta information supported at Win 2010

  PDF Maker produces individual PDF for separate images or single PDF for all pictures with diverse PDF color, rotation angle and other image settings formatting


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Image To PDF


Image To PDF Converter is utilizable and convenient program allows bulk image to PDF conversions & create encrypted PDF in few minutes and at most economical prices. Image Converter Software competent to switch one or more pictures into multiple portable document formats with multifarious options like editing pictures with size, position, PDF page size and many other settings. Application endows with a security feature using which you can enter password and apply restrictions on accessing PDF documents. Compound Image Converter program insert meta information including title, subject, keyword and author so that you can save PDF with any author name, file subject, file heading and keywords. Software allows you to choose PDF color (RBG or Black and White), rotation angle like 0, 90, 180 or 270 and provides an alternative to conserve output PDF in one distinct file or two separate files.

Key Features of Image To PDF Converter

  1. Transform multiple images into one or PDF in a single Convert button.

  2. Edit image size, position with default, custom, center or fit page.

  3. Modify page size for PDF as default or custom.

  4. Create individual PDF file or create one PDF file.

  5. Change PDF output color, rotation and display.

  6. Insert security feature with user and owner password.

  7. Apply restrictions for example Accessibility Extract Content, Annotations, Assemble Document, Extract Content, Forms Fill, Full Quantity Print, Modify Document and Print.

  8. Add Meta Information for instance title, keyword, author and subject.

  9. Convert pictures into PDF without making any modifications in images text font style, font size, font color.


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Video Tutorial
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I have been using the demo version of JPG To PDF Converter for conversion of JPG format images and various other photos of my album in PDF file. I find this is best software because so simple to convert any number of images and takes very less time. Its cost is reasonable. I have now purchased JPG To PDF Converter and like its feature to apply password for PDF files.
Gibson Mathew

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